5 Reasons to Love Bright Lipstick

Too cute

1. It does so much makeup heavy lifting.

I swear, I can get away with wearing so much less makeup when I’m wearing a bright lip. I can feel completely put together with just a bright lipstick, mascara and concealer.

honest beauty happiness lipstick glam on the go coral lips 1
Honest Beauty Happiness Lipstick

2. Bright lipstick shouts however you’re feeling out loud to the world.

A smile is that much bigger and brighter with a bright lip.

mac billion dollar smile makeup uniform
MAC Billion Dollar Smile

3. It’s a classic.

Red lipstick never goes out of style!

chanel rouge allure rebelle
Rouge Allure in 172 Rouge Rebelle

4. The long-wearing matte formulas have improved so much.

They last through water, coffee, cat kisses…

mac quite the standout feels so grand mac smash
Time for some red!

5. They’re just so fun to collect!

You can never have enough. 🙂

Is there even such a thing as too many brights?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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