Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 693

Divas have a reputation for being difficult to work with. You know, in my experience, the divas I’ve crossed paths with have actually been pretty cool. Team players even.

Tabs, for example, loved to feed the gossip machine with stories of him being notoriously hard to work with. I think once he was even referred to as the Naomi Campbell of the cat modeling world, which thrilled him. But if you asked any of the top tier kitty models he worked with, or any of his business partners, they would tell you that he was 100% supportive, giving and the most easy-to-work-with cat you’d ever meet.

OK, sure, occasionally he was rude to me, and I’d be asked to do ridiculous things like, I don’t know, plan a party for 100 people at a Tuscan villa with only 24 hours to do so, but for the most part Tabs was a good employer to work for. He always had my back, and he always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

“Keep writing,” he said, “and when you finally pen that blockbuster, don’t forget who encouraged you.”


Rosie-Pose has a penchant for withdrawing into solitude whenever she’s deep in scientific thought, and although she isn’t as socially active as Tabs was, she still gets along famously well with all the cats she runs into (except Harris). She also occasionally lets her maternal side surface when she sees cute tiny stuffed cats, like, she’s taken Stripey here under her wing. He’s one of Connor’s stuffies, and Rosie has big plans for him to be the next scientific cat mastermind. She’s identified that he has an aptitude for robotics and has taken him in as one of her interns. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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