Splurge or Save Cottage Decor Finds

It’s time for another Splurge or Save Blog Post! This week’s finds are all cottage decor-themed, but I truly think that each of these items can find a place in any style of home. Each week I create these splurge or save blog posts to help you on your home decor journey of finding the best possible price and dupes for home decor. If you would like to see past week’s splurge or save blog posts, click here [HERE] to view them all!


I have been noticing a couple of different versions of this scalloped plate and I think they are such a fun kitchen addition. I think anything scalloped automatically gives a feminine or cottage style feel, and I really love adding touches of it throughout our home.

Shop both splurge or save plates, plus some extras, by clicking the images below:


When I think of cottage decor finds I think of the colors navy and white in form of stripes like these duvet covers. Both duvets are so similar but $100 price difference!

Shop both duvets by clicking the images below:


I am certain that these two topiary trees are actually the same exact tree but at two very different prices. I am a big fan of adding greenery into our home through each season and have several topiaries in our home all year long.

Shop both topiaries by clicking the images below:


Seeing the price difference on these rattan sconces makes is truly why I continue sharing these blog posts. Such similar sconces but with a $670 price difference! I can definitely see these rattan sconces being placed in a bathroom, hallway, or even a bedroom! Anything rattan for me is a cottage decor finds win.

Shop both rattan sconces by clicking the images below:

I hope these cottage decor finds inspire you on your home decor searches! I would love to know…what is a dupe that you are on the hunt for? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll try to help! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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