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I have always been so intrigued to take a peek into others pantry spaces. They can be as grand or as minimal, and everyone has their own definition of what a pantry is and what it is used for. So today I am sharing 5 pantry scroll stoppers! I have a feeling some of these photos may shock you but that’s what is so fun about these scroll stoppers blog posts! if this is your first time viewing this series, you may be wondering what a scroll stopper is. In this weekly blog post series, I share 5 images that I call scroll stoppers because of how striking they are. Sometimes I am able to find a common theme, other times I share 5 unique photos! If you would like to view past week’s images, click here [HERE].


WOW…This pantry! @cotswoldinterior shared this photo and there is so much that I really love about it! From the mixture of open and closed shelving, the shape of the space, and even the unique flooring. I know for many of us having a space this grand isn’t really practical, but it sure is pretty to look at! I love taking bits and pieces of inspiration for these grand spaces and working them into spaces that work for us in our home.


I know what you’re thinking… “Liz…you love WHITE?! Why are you sharing a pantry space painted black?!” I think that’s what is so cool about these scroll stoppers blog posts. Every photo might not be my particular style, but it stopped me from scrolling and made me admire it for a moment! I do really love how the dark tones make everything else in the room pop. Also…look at those beautiful lights! This pantry shared by @houseandgardenuk and @berdoulat_interior_design sure is cozy!


When I say the word pantry I think I can speak for all of us when I say this is typically what comes to mind. @emetamily shared this beautifully styled and organized pantry space and I love the glass doors that when closed, so a peek into this beautiful space. There are a lot of grand pantry spaces in this post and I just want to say the size of something doesn’t make it any more beautiful than the small cozy spaces. This cozy pantry is giving me so many ideas for the glass door shelving spaces in our kitchen!


I love this cozy corner shared by @number131 and all the colors and textures that it holds. I think a place rack similar to the one in this photo and curtains concealing cupboards is what a cozy cottage pantry is all about!


Another dark and cozy space that made me stop and appreciate the darkness for a moment! This space was shared by @leydi_milagros and I love the walls and trim is painted the same dark tone. That light coming in from the window sure is beautiful.

I would love to know…does anyone else love taking a peek into other’s pantry spaces? Or is there a specific room that you like looking at more? Let’s chat about it on Facebook or Instagram! It’s always so interesting to hear others’ opinions when it comes to this topic. I hope this pantry scroll stoppers blog post inspired you in some way. Whether it was a striking paint color that you normally wouldn’t think of using for this space or just the simple way or organization. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and stay cozy, friends!

xx Liz Marie

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