Saturday Surfing, Jan. 8, 2022

Good morning and happy Caturday to ya! Rosie and Whiskers, her favorite stuffie, say hello.

So…I’ve been trying to chill with the limited edition stuff, because I’m trying to keep my makeup collection relatively small and tidy, but ooh! — the new Chanel Spring-Summer 2022 collection has been hitting me with all the feels.

I particularly love the colors in the quad…

Are you more of a permanent collection kinda girl, or do you prefer limited edition?

This week’s reading

I haven’t gone out to eat in SF in a really long time.


In case you ever wondered…

My morning jam

Who will win this game?

How interesting!


Whatcha got going on this weekend? I’d originally planned to have lunch with a friend on Sunday, but then Omicron happened! So, I’ll be laying low here at home and doing some much-needed decluttering instead.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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