Winter White Cabinet – Winter Quilt Edition

Last year I did a post on winter quilts in one of my pine armoires. I love that post because it shows my true style of being cozy. It’s making everyday items part of your decor that gives it the cozy little vibe I always love in our home & share daily here & on my socials. Quilts have always been a love language for me. I love not only looking at pretty quilts, collecting pretty quilts that are old & new but also I love having them readily available to grab on my way to the sofa or bed to wrap myself in. Today we are in the middle of a snowstorm here in Michigan so I put some of my quilts in our upstairs hallway cabinet & I wanted to share this little cozy moment with you along with some lovely quilt options…

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I wanted to cozy up this cabinet for winter. So I just added quilts to this cabinet to be able to grab when needed. Quilts are staples in my winter decor for all different spaces around the house. The cooler months its all about adding more cozy texture, and I usually find those in throws and quilts. I wanted to cozy up this cabinet that is at the top of the stairs, for winter. Being an old farmhouse, it is not unusually for different rooms, levels, and even corners of the house to be cooler than others. So having little cozy corners with quilts is the best way to add simple practical touches to your home as you transition from Christmas decor to winter decor. I know I feel a whole lot cozier after refreshing this little cabinet today…

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