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After three months, one wash, and my seasonal Ruggable packed up and put away, I feel like it’s a great time to share my thoughts (so far). I want to talk about if I would recommend Ruggable or not, and what spaces Ruggable is meant for…Before we get into those thoughts let’s take a look at my new non-seasonal Ruggable.

So if you don’t know what Ruggable is, it comes in two pieces… the bottom “backer” rug which is half velcro and half rug gripper, and the top rug, the decorative pretty side that sits on top of the backer. You can change the thin topper out whenever you want to give the room a new look or the seasons change. But wait… there’s more! These are washable rugs! You can peel the top layer off & throw it in the washer.

Where Ruggable Fits Best

The obvious is the high traffic, high potential for accidental spills. We have dedicated our back living room as our family room. Cope has a cozy corner and most nights he turns our Ikea Sofa into a trampoline. While we try to keep all the messes out of the living room and into the kitchen, things do get back here naturally… It is so peaceful to know that this can quickly be remedied, overnight if you want, without having to do the walk of shame to the dry cleaners.

Now, when I first thought of Ruggalbe I was solely focused on the durability and washability, however, there are some very elegant, seasonal, modern, and well just beautiful rugs available. I think you could find spaces all across your house. If you are like me and love changing your home with the seasons and maybe mid-season, an option to take on a new look from the top down to the rug is always creatively inspiring to me.


Washable Rug

Okay… lets get to the meat and potatoes everyone came to this post for. Do they say you can wash these rugs? It is true, now I am only speaking from the experience of one wash, but our Maytag top load washers handled it very well, and from what I read online front loaders take the rugs on without problems either. I followed the wash instructions on the back of the rug, hung it over my stair rail and it was that simple. As easy as daily laundry. If you were holding off on these rugs because you didn’t know how well they washed, they washed so well, I think I’ll wash mine pretty frequently, to keep it fresh and new.

Easy Storage

As I said, I packed up Christmas pretty quick this year, and we have a beautiful seasonal Ruggable down. After I washed it, I neatly folded the rug and packed it right on top of one of our Christmas Totes (and the lid still clicked shut).

The Install

Okay so if you are thinking of getting it, let me cover all the details for you. So the initial purchase is a bit larger investment because you need to buy the backer along with it, but after that, it’s just the top layer that needs to be purchased (unless you want it in other rooms). It’s seriously as simple as placing the backer down in your space and putting the top layer on… A little trick I learned is to unpack the top layer fully, roll it up with the underside facing outward. Bring one end to the backer and line it up on each side, the top layer is slightly larger (in both width and length) than the backer layer… Once lined up, Roll out the top layer and smooth it out with your hands as you unroll, it works so much better than trying to fight with the velcro and smoothing out bubbles in the middle of the rug.

My thoughts & My Current Rugs

Okay… so would I recommend Ruggable rugs to everyone out there reading my blog, absolutely. There are so many different designs and styles, I feel like everyone could find a few that fit their look for their spaces. I would even recommend having two on hand. This would allow for you to have one down while you wash the other, something to think about if you see them go on sale. I think they hit on functionality for a rambunctious family room, to classic and elegant for an grand entryway, all with the potential to nicely pack it up, give it a quick wash, or change it out. The two Ruggable rugs I currently own are the Dress Stewart Tartan Rug (link) & the Hendesi Heriz Cream Rug (link). The one thing I will say about the Hendesi Cream rug is that it really is not cream at all. It’s more green & taupes, but I still love it & honestly it’s probably even better for the space than a cream rug would have been, but just to warn you of the color differences which you can see in our home compared to the website. Both of them looked great with our BEMZ covered Ikea sofa. You can see all about our sofa slipcovers on our blog post, My Top Secret for a Cozy Sofa (link).  I hope you enjoyed this little review. I think I am going to order one more, to allow for me to have a backup for when I want to wash them. They also sell a more padded backer, for a little bit cozier padded space. If you have Ruggable rugs let me know on social media over at Facebook (link) or on Instagram (link), and let me know how your is holding up and if you have washed it. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us here on the farm. 


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