5 Quaint Country Scroll Stoppers

Happy Scroll Stoppers Tuesday, Friends! This is the first scroll stoppers of the new year, and I’m so happy to be continuing on with this blog post series. It’s such an easy way to share inspiration with you all that is not my own. My goal is that you are inspired in some way by these photos and maybe even take a look further into the people that have taken these photos. If this is your first time taking a look at the scroll stoppers series, welcome! You may be wondering what a scroll stopper is. A scroll stopper is an image that is not my own that I have been inspired by; so much so that it stopped me mid-scroll. Each week I gather a set of images and find a common theme in those images. For this week, they are all quaint country-themed. If you would like to check out past week’s scroll stoppers, click here [HERE].


When I think about the term quaint country, I think of a space that is charming and cozy. That is exactly the term that I thought of when I saw this image shared by @unionwillow. This quiet corner has so many charming qualities about it; from the checkerboard flooring to the wood features throughout.


Hello, Gingham! Are you a fan of the print? If you are, you may want to head over to this post on @deco_for_curious. I happen to love gingham as a print. It adds a lot to the quaint country look and can be used throughout each season.


I love a good before and after photo and @burtsbrisplease shared such a quaint country bathroom reveal here. Check out the before photo on this post and see how easy it is to freshen up a room with just some paint and small items.


This photo shared by @pantryhill depicts perfectly the days following Christmas. From the garland still hanging to leftovers being prepared to share with neighbors. I love how the caption mixed with the photo paints the perfect picture of what so many of up feel during this time of year.


I really enjoy this quaint country bedroom shared by @a.cotswold.lifestyle. This bedroom has so much character; from the room beamed walls, stained glass window, floral prints, and textures throughout.

What do you think of the quaint country look? Do you have a favorite photo of the 5 shared this week? I would love to hear on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and stay cozy!

xx Liz Marie

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