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As we head into a new year I am all about refreshing everything. From closets to my mental health to our schedule to our home decor to my physical health & beyond. I want it all refreshed. Since I share home decor mostly here on the blog that is what you hear about mostly from me & today I wanted to share something with you that I have discovered this week that will help us freshen up our homes as we head into the new year & better yet all year long for 2022 & that is THE BEST FAUX PLANTS! Now most of you know I am a huge real plant fan. I’m a plant momma at heart & I enjoy everything about caring for plants, even the hard lessons they teach me, but there are just some cases where a faux plant is best. Whether it’s a room with little natural light, up on a bookshelf, or in a place that you would forget to water a real plant, faux plants [when done right] are the answer! This week on a whim I ordered some faux plants from the new Hearth & Hand line [See the full hearth & hand line here] & I was so impressed by what I ordered! Here are a few of the plants I ordered styled in our home so far & the links to where you can buy them as well…

These little faux rosemary plants are so good because they truly look like my real rosemary plants & yet they can sit here in the corner in the library and not need any maintenance. My biggest faux plant tip: put them in an interesting vessel that matches your aesthetic to make them look more real & fit your home better!

These faux rosemary plants also come in a rosemary topiary style plant that are taller & mimic my favorite topiary plants that I get locally at a greenhouse. I love how they look styled on our bookshelves here! I picked up the most of these because I have so many pots around our house that would fit these so well!

This tree SHOCKED me because of how tall & real it looked. I am usually not a faux tree fan because I think the bigger the faux plant is the harder it is to look real, but this one is so good! This is a faux gypsophila & you can find it [HERE]. I will be putting it in unique planter of my own & I will share that when I style it.

These medium size plants are my favorite faux plant find of the week because they go so well in all of my urns around the house & they are around $50 which I thought was a great price point for a plant like this… & it requires no maintenance again! This is a faux ficus & in my humble plant momma opinion, I’m excited that more varieties of plants are being made faux!

You can shop all the plants from above here:

I hope this little faux plant tour was helpful & helps you freshen up your spaces in 2022! You can see more of my recent Target finds [HERE] from this week. Target, YOU DID IT AGAIN! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & every single day friends, it means the world to me! xx Liz Marie

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