Top 21 Blog Posts of 2021

Wow! What a whirlwind of the year 2021 has been! I always like spending this last week of the year reflecting on the past year. From top products, this year’s scroll stoppers, and now the top 21 blog posts of 2021. I’m not going to lie…2021 was hard and I’m really glad that it’s almost over. I had gotten used to the slower lifestyle that 2020 gave us, and I was not prepared for 2021 and the work, mentally, emotionally and physically that it would bring. It was tough, but there were also so many good parts of it as well. That’s why today I am so excited to share some of those good parts. While I say that I am sharing 21 blog posts, I might sneak in a few extras. It’s too hard to narrow them all down! They are in no particular order, but are just some great highlights from the past year! Let’s take a look back on 2021, wish it well, and welcome 2022 with open arms!


I’m going to start on a really good note. I have started partnering with Williams Sonoma, a company that seems so surreal to partner with. I have (somewhat) conquered a fear through working with them and doing some live virtual events! If you know me you know that video events really scare me! However now that I have done a Thanksgiving event and Holiday Coffee Event with Williams Sonoma, I am so excited to explore doing more video content. Check out the Thanksgiving look I created for them here [HERE] and the Holiday Coffee Bar look here [HERE].


For me, it has seemed like we haven’t done a lot of major renovation projects this year at White Cottage Farm. However looking back, we’ve still done a good amount! From our new office space above our garage to tearing down the milkhouse that was deteriorating on our barn. We even started a new major addition to our home that will add square footage with our new bedroom! Check out our new office space here [HERE]. Read about the Milkhouse tearing down and what we plan on replacing it with here [HERE]. Check out the new addition to our home here [HERE].


Have you ever wondered about the history of our farmhouse, the layout of our home, or even how and why we decided to move here? This year we started a deep dive blog series to share all of this! It’s been fun to share this part of our home with you, and it has seemed super helpful to many of you! To read about finding White Cottage Farm, click here [HERE]. For all information on the layout of our home, square footage, and more, click here [HERE]. On the dark and scary reason why we moved to the farm, click here [HERE].


Our kitchen is the most used space in our home and therefore I spend a lot of my time refreshing it and making it cozy for us. Over the summer, our kitchen was featured in something super special that I hope I can share with you in 2022. And I did a lot of updates to the kitchen to prepare for it. Check out Summer Kitchen Updates here [HERE].


At the beginning of 2021, we revealed our Laundry Room/ Butler’s Pantry! This space has really been life-changing and so great to have. To read up on our laundry room, click here [HERE] and if you have any questions about sources in this room, click here [HERE].


As many of you know, the supply chain issues were a major struggle this morning. We spend a lot of the year without furniture in our home! Once we finally received furniture for this front living room, I really felt our spaces get so much cozier. I love how this room turned out. To see all of the updates we did to this living room, click here [HERE].


While the year was full of big projects, one of my favourite things from the year was all of the mantel looks I styled and created as inspiration for you here on the blog. There was such a variety in all of them; all changing throughout the seasons. Check out a cozy winter mantel look here [HERE], a simple spring mantel here [HERE], and a haunted house mantel styling here [HERE].


I am constantly sharing products here on the blog and on my social media and in 2021 it was really a goal of mine to share items at all price points. I started this great blog series called Splurge or Save, which offered dupes for items at multiped prices. Check out this gold mirror Splurge or Save Find Blog post here [HERE].


I added so many amazing antiques to our home this year, but one of my favorite additions was these Mora Clocks from White&Faded. We have BIG plans that include these Mora Clocks for 2022, and I can’t wait to share more with you soon, but for now, let’s check out these beautiful Mora clocks in our home here [HERE].


2021 was the year of Wallpaper! We added Wallpaper to TWO rooms in our home, our bedroom, which you can see here [HERE], and our mudroom, which you can see here [HERE].


As we live in Michigan, Once the Summer and Warmer Weather hits, we spend a lot of time outdoors knocking out projects that we want to accomplish. This past year we updated our garden here [HERE] and even painted out mudroom flooring here [HERE].


2021 was a year of not one book release BUT TWO! First, the release of Jose and I’s Children’s book, We Belong To Each Other here [HERE] in the spring. And then this past November, my second design book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons here [HERE].


Back in February, we escaped down to Florida for a family much-needed family vacation at our friend Lena’s rental, the Florida Riad. It was truly a home away from home experience and I loved sharing the cozy decor on the blog. To see a little bit of our vacation, click here [HERE].


The year was also full of many DIY projects, both big and small. Jose has helped so much by creating these DIYs for all of you. To check out the DIY peg rail in our kitchen, click here [HERE]. I updated our sunroom table to better serve our family and it turned into such an easy DIY here [HERE].


Can you believe these beams we added to our library room are faux?! To read about this addition click here [HERE].


In the spring, I was on the Today Show Virtually to share some great tips to cozy up your porch! To see the full look and all of the cozy tips, click here [HERE].


This year was an exciting year for new animals on the farm! We welcomed quite a few new lambs and we even adopted two Alpacas! Grace is doing great, as well as all of the other animals here on the farm. To reach about some of the new lambs click here [HERE]. To read about our two new alpacas, click here [HERE].


The Found Cottage Mercantile Market made it’s return this year and WOW! What a weekend that was. It was so great to see so many of you there enjoying the weekend activities. I was even able to hold a book signing! Click here [HERE] to see a recap on the weekend and for information if you are thinking about attending next year!


Many of our weekends were spent doing one of my favorite activities… Antiquing. We travelled to Ohio to the Springfield antique show, which you can see more of here [HERE].


Summer on White Cottage Farm was spent in our pool. Back in 2020, we made the decision to add a pool and it’s been so great to be able to spend a full summer enjoying it! Copey was our little fish and we made so many memories here with friends and family. While we are still far from completing this area, we made quite a few updates. Click here [HERE] to see them all!


Just last week I shared a large blog post that serves as a tour of our home! For our Festive Holiday House Walk, click here [HERE].

Well, that rounds up 2021! I want to thank all of you so much for all of your support in 2021. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for the Liz Marie Blog community! I have a few exciting surprises, launches, and other things coming soon that I can’t wait to share with you. Did you have a favorite blog post of the year? I’d love for you to share with me over on my Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and see you all in 2022!

xx Liz Marie


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