9 Best Nanny Cam Reviews in 2022

Having a nanny to take care of your children when you’re out working is the best thing you can do. It’s okay if you still feel worried about your child’s wellbeing and safety. After all, the nanny is still a stranger. There have been recent reports on child abuse and hidden cameras catching babysitters performing the act. As a result, people are even more interested in buying nanny cams.

A nanny cam will allow you to watch your child and the nanny even when you’re not physically present there, so you can always have your peace of mind.

Nanny cams in different shapes and sizes with dozens of features that can be overwhelming if you’re a first-time buyer. To help you find the best one ideal for your use, we are enlisting the best Nanny cams available in the market right now.

Here’s what to look for when you buy a nanny cam:

Hidden vs visible: Decide whether you want to watch the nanny secretly or want to disclose the camera. If it’s a hidden camera, you need to consider the size, a place to hide the camera and the connection type. You will find spy nanny cams disguised as everyday objects such as clocks, speakers, toys etc.

Video quality: Look for a Full HD 1080p camera. Nowadays, it’s the standard of a good quality security camera. You also need to consider the viewing angle, low-light vision and smartphone compatibility.

Other features: Nanny cams come with features like motion detection, which will let you know if any movement is detected, two-way talk that enables you to talk to people on the other side, baby cry alert, Alexa compatibility etc.

Best Nanny Cams in 2022

Best Nanny Cam Type Connection Compatibility Buy Now
DIVINEEAGLE USB Charger Nanny Camera USB charger cam Wired Pc, MAC Check On Amazon
Amcrest Wireless Nanny Cam Visible indoor nanny cam Wireless Android, iOS Check On Amazon
SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera Hidden nanny cam Wired Android, iOS Check On Amazon
Faleemi Home Surveillance Camera Visible indoor nanny camera Wireless Android, iOS, Alexa Check On Amazon
ORHIDAM Mini Spy Camera Hidden nanny cam Wireless Android, iOS Check On Amazon
GAVVOI Nanny USB Charger Camera Hidden USB charger camera Wireless, wired Android, iOS Check On Amazon
HJSHI Mini Spy Camera Hidden nanny cam Wireless, wired Android, iOS Check On Amazon
Zhiroad Hidden Nanny Camera Bluetooth speaker nanny cam Wireless Android, iOS Check On Amazon
CAMXSW Hidden Spy Nanny Camera Alarm clock nanny cam Wireless, wired Android, iOS Check On Amazon

Best Nanny Cam Reviews

1. DIVINEEAGLE USB Charger Nanny Camera

No matter how and where you want to use a spy camera, the DIVINEEAGLE USB charger camera packs all the features you need to watch over your kids. It’s actually a security camera in a tiny USB charger which allows you to keep it hidden just anywhere you want. It records videos in 1080 p, offers live streaming and excellent motion detection technology.

The tiny stealth camera lets you keep an eye on the kids being completely undetectable.  It supports SD card recording of up to 256 GB which can store the recording of about 50 hours. It features plug and play, means no charging and no dead batteries, just insert the micro SD card, and you are all set to watch over the nanny.

It’s a 2-in-1 device that you can set up anywhere, and it will record videos 24/7, giving you constant updates on the nanny’s whereabouts. The best part, the camera automatically overwrites and deletes older files for continuous video recording. Keep in mind that there’s no microphone, which means you cannot have a conversation over the spy camera.

Best Features:

  • Doubles as a security camera and a USB charger
  • Stealth cameras can hide anywhere
  • Records videos in 1080p
  • Motion detection
  • Compatible with PC and MAC


  • Motion alerts
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multi-purpose camera


  • Compatible with only MAC and PC

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2. Amcrest Wireless Nanny Cam

Amcrest Wireless Nanny Cam

The Amcrest security camera is one of our favorite nanny cams; why? Because it was designed with kids in mind. For example, it can detect the sound of a carrying baby and send you alters directly on your smartphone. It’s a reasonably priced home security camera that records videos in full HD 1080p and offers 2-way audio, live streaming, 355-degree remote pan, and 80-degree tilt so you can check up on the kids as well as the nanny.

The Amcrest home security camera also has one of the best quality low light vision, which can view up to 33 feet in complete darkness. So you can watch over the kids and the caretaker during the nighttime or enable the motion detection system, which will let you know if any motion is detected. It also has human detection filtering, which will reduce false alerts when enabled.

It’s compatible with Alexa, and through their app, you can share the footage with other family members, meaning anyone can see what’s going on there in your absence. It offers two-way audio so you can have a conversation with the kids or the nanny through the camera. Amcrest comes with a 1-year free subscription to Cloud storage. But you can also use a micro SD card if that’s more convenient.

Best Features:

  • Wide-angle lens with 355-degree pan and 80-degree tilt
  • Baby monitoring alert
  • Two-way audio
  • Mobile alerts
  • Motion detection and human detection filtering
  • Advanced night vision
  • 1-year free subscription to Cloud storage


  • Baby cry alert
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • Free cloud storage for 1 year


  • Not compatible with 5Ghz networks

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3. SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera

SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera

This tiny camera from SIRGAWAIN is one of the most undetectable spy cameras we could spot. It’s small; you can set this up just about anywhere. Even the picture quality is excellent, and the night vision is also quite satisfactory. If you are concerned about your kids and the nanny’s behavior, you may consider keeping one of these cameras hidden in their rooms.

Despite its small size, the camera can capture videos in full HD 1080 p. Not only that, the tiny little device has night vision with 6 infrared LEDs and can rotate 140 degrees to give you a clear picture of the whole setup. It’s a wired camera which can be an issue for some, but the fact that it can still record while charging makes it reliable.

Obviously, it isn’t the most high-tech spy camera available, but it has some really good reviews for excellent picture quality and night vision. If your only purpose is to keep an eye on your kids and the babysitter, the little champ will do just fine. It’s wired and supports a micro SD card from 2 GB to 32 GB.

Best Features:

  • Wired hidden camera
  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Night vision
  • 140-degree wide-angle lens
  • Compatible with Android, iOS


  • Great picture quality
  • Night vision
  • Affordable


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4. Faleemi Home Surveillance Camera

Faleemi Home Surveillance Camera

Up next, we have a home surveillance camera with 1080p resolution, 340-degree viewing angle, night vision, two-way audio that too within a budget. The Faleemi nanny cam beat many hi-tech surveillance systems with its functionality and affordability. The camera streams live videos in Full HD, and you can connect it to your smartphone for remote operation.

It sends you an alert each time it detects a motion along with a 10-sec short video clip of what’s happening. With the two-way audio talk, you can have a real-time conversation with the nanny or your child right through the camera. You can remotely adjust the viewing angles and zoom up to 4 times to get a clear picture of the story. There’s an option to pre-set a position so you can quickly set the camera in your desired direction.

The low-light vision is also pretty good; it claims to view up to 5 meters under complete darkness. You can either use an SD card for up to 128 GB for storage or get a Cloud subscription. Here’s the bonus point- it comes with a 30 days free subscription. Installing it is a breeze. It’s WiFi-enabled, and all you have to do is download their app and follow the steps.

Best Features:

  • Streams video in 1080p
  • Motion detection with video clip
  • 340 degree horizontal, 120-degree vertical viewing angle
  • 4X zoom
  • Night vision with motion detection
  • Remote tilt, pan, zoom
  • 30 days free subscription to Cloud storage


  • WiFi-enabled
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Advanced features
  • Free cloud subscription for 30 days


  • The app needs an up-gradation

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5. ORHIDAM Mini Spy Camera

ORHIDAM Mini Spy Camera

Corded hidden cameras are kind of inconvenient. They need to be placed where there is a power outlet. That’s not always possible, especially when you must hide the camera from the nanny or the kids. For instances like that, we have found a tiny pinhole camera that’s exactly the size of a one-inch inch cube.

The ORHIDAM tiny wireless security camera streams Full HD videos to its connected device and sends you instant notifications along with 3 snapshots once a movement is detected. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and supports remote control. Despite its tiny size, it gives you a viewing angle of  90 degrees that catches enough details. You can also see things at night. The night vision is fairly good.

Their upgraded version camera is now temperature resistant up to 230 degrees which means the pinhole camera doubles up as an outdoor camera. For that, you will need a power bank or any other power supply options. The tiny cam supports a micro SD card of 32 GB but allows loop recording, which automatically deletes older files once full.

Best Features:

  • Wireless Wi-Fi camera
  • 1080 p Full HD live streaming
  • Phone App support
  • 90-degree viewing angle
  • Motion detection with 3 snapshots
  • Night vision
  • Loop recording


  • Tiniest hidden camera
  • App support
  • Great clarity
  • Easy to set up


  • Not the best night vision
  • Poor user interface

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6. GAVVOI Nanny USB Charger Camera

GAVVOI Nanny USB Charger Camera

Next on the list, we have another USB charger camera that doubles as a great nanny cam. This particular hidden camera on our list supports hotspots. So, it will function even without a Wi-Fi connection, ensuring 24/7 home surveillance.

It captures videos in Full HD 1080p. It connects through a phone app, and after the installation, you can stream live videos on your smartphone. The best part with this USB charger cam is connecting to multiple devices. Infact, the mobile app can connect multiple GAVVOI cameras. So, you can keep multiple cameras in multiple rooms and remotely watch over your kids or the babysitter.

However, being wired means you need to find a place close to the power socket. It has a viewing angle of 120 degrees which is excellent, and will cover a larger area giving you great details. There are also active motion detection sensors that sense human movement. It will send you an alert and save the movement’s video. It supports micro SD of up to 128 GB for storing recorded videos. Once the storage is full, it automatically overwrites and deletes older files.

Best Features:

  • Doubles as a security camera and a USB charger
  • Records videos in 1080p
  • Motion detection with massage alert
  • 120-degree viewing angle
  • Wi-Fi, Hotspot compatible
  • Phone app support, Android, iOS
  • Micro SD card solt of up to 128 GB


  • Hotspot compatible
  • Connects to multiple devices
  • Can connect multiple cameras as well


  • App interface is not user-friendly

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7. HJSHI Mini Spy Camera

HJSHI Mini Spy Camera

Even though HJSHI is not a popular brand, you will be amazed how easy it is to install and set up. You would call it another wireless nanny cam that runs with batteries until you discover it has built-in magnets, which means this camera can stick to any iron surface. It streams live videos in Full HD directly on your smartphone and can connect to multiple devices.

This camera that’s about the size of a golf ball has an advanced PIR motion sensor and a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees. Each time when it detects a motion, it sends a notification with a short clip of the scenario. Not only that, it has got a total 8 IR LEDS to record crystal clear under total darkness and a light sensor that automatically turns off night vision.

It supports a micro SD card of up to 128 GB which is more than sufficient because it supports loop recording and deletes older files as it gets full. On the downside, the tiny camera has a very limited power source. With a full recharge, the battery can only last for about one hour, which means you may need to plug it into a power outlet for continuous recording.

It has a one-way talk option which is better than having no microphone. With its app support, you can remotely control and watch the kids and the nanny.

Best Features:

  • Wireless Wi-Fi camera
  • 1080 p Full HD live streaming
  • Phone App support
  • In-built magnet
  • 160-degree viewing angle
  • Motion detection with video clip
  • Night vision with 8 IR LED lights
  • Supports loop recording
  • Stores recording in micro SD card, 128 GB support


  • Wireless nanny cam that can stick to any iron surfaces
  • Great picture quality
  • Easy to install and set-up


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8. Zhiroad Hidden Nanny Camera

Zhiroad Hidden Nanny Camera

The next nanny cam on the list is a 3-in-1 device with a Bluetooth speaker and a digital clock. No one can ever tell that there’s a camera inside the speaker/clock as the cam sits completely hidden inside the box. It features all the equipment you would want from a hidden nanny cam like live streaming, remote viewing via mobile App, motion detection, and night vision.

Talking about the picture quality, it live-streams videos in full HD resolution. It’s wireless, Wi-Fi compatible, and offers remote operation using mobile app supported by both Android and iOS systems. It has a viewing angle of 90 which is fair enough for a small camera like this one. There is a motion detection alert along with a push notification. It also has night vision. With 8 in-built IR LEDs, it captures pretty decent quality pictures under low light conditions.

It appears like a normal Bluetooth speaker that doubles up as a digital cock and allows you to monitor the kids with the nanny while you’re not around. It has a micro SD card slot of up to 128 GB that’s enough to save a 5 hours long recording.

Best Features:

  • Wireless Wi-Fi camera
  • 1080 p Full HD live streaming
  • Phone App support
  • 90-degree viewing angle
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision with 8 IR LED lights
  • Supports loop recording
  • Stores recording in micro SD card, 128 GB support


  • You don’t have to hide the camera
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Great picture quality
  • Wireless nanny cam


  • The Bluetooth speaker is of below-average quality

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9. CAMXSW Hidden Spy Nanny Camera

CAMXSW Hidden Spy Nanny Camera

The last one on the list is another alarm clock nanny cam. The camera looks like just another alarm clock that you find in every other house, but there’s a hidden camera inside.

It streams live videos that you can directly see on your smartphone, and captures videos in full HD 1080p. It supports Wi-Fi and is wireless, comes with a USB cable and charger. As long as it’s connected to the phone and has Wi-Fi connection, you can watch live videos. There are also features like motion detection with push notification and low-light recording with a 12-night vision lens.

The nanny cam/ alarm clock supports both iOS and android platforms. /The 2021 upgraded version has improved a lot on the picture quality and night-time vision quality. It also allows you to connect multiple devices with the cam, which means if not you, anyone in your close contact can always watch the kids with the nanny. However, there’s no microphone. And for storage, it’s provided with a 32 GB micro SD card slot.

Best Features:

  • Wireless Wi-Fi camera/ alarm clock
  • 1080 p Full HD live streaming
  • Phone App support
  • Motion detection
  • Infrared night vision
  • Recording while charging
  • 32 GB micro SD card storage


  • Completely undetectable
  • Functions as an alarm clock
  • Affordable
  • Compact and stylish


Buy Now From Amazon

Best Nanny Cam Buying Guide

Most nanny cams are simple in design and cost much less than indoor home surveillance cameras. They don’t showcase eye-catchy designs and are kept small, simple, and functional.

Before you think of buying a nanny cam, know that there are two main types of nanny cams available out there- the hidden nanny cams and the visible nanny cams. Then there are other features that you need to consider like wired or wireless, with or without a microphone, resolution, night vision and motion detection, cry alerts, etc.

1. Visible Nanny Cam or Hidden Nanny Cam

When it comes to nanny cams, the first thing that you need to ask yourself is whether you need to be discreet about the camera or not. In other words, you have two options to choose from- a hidden camera and a visible surveillance camera. The majority of people think surveillance systems are for spying, so the nanny cams. But, not all nanny cams are hidden cameras. You might not even need a hidden camera in the first place.

Hidden nanny cams are disguised as some other commonplace object, for example, a clock, a charger, a toy, a speaker, a book, or other decorative items. As the name suggests, they are undetectable and need to be placed at one location. They record with the other person’s knowledge. On the other hand, visible nanny cameras are the same as indoor cameras or baby monitors. So you can keep them on a flat surface or mount them on the wall.

2. Wired or Wireless

The next thing you would want to look at is whether it’s wired or wireless. Wired nanny cams will be harder to hide because there will be wires connecting them to a power outlet. You always have to keep them connected to a power socket. With wired cameras, you don’t have to worry about a dead battery or any signal interference. On the contrary, wireless cameras are much easier to hide because you can place them just about anywhere. Because wireless cameras appear smaller in size, they are easier to hide. However, most wireless cameras have short battery life. Look for how long the battery can last to make sure it’s enough for your use.

3. Resolution of the Camera

The best nanny cams out there stream videos in Full HD or 1080p. Full HD videos pack more pixels per image to create a crisper, clearer image and capture more details.

With higher quality pictures comes the demand for more storage space. In other words, the higher the resolution the faster you will be running out of storage space. This is something you need to consider when buying a nanny cam with small storage space and high-quality pictures.

4. Size and Shape

The size and the shape of the nanny cams are also important. It will depend on how you want to use it and where you want to place it. If you want it to be completely undetectable, then smaller ones are better. It will be easy to hide them in daily objects. You can also go for hidden cameras that take the form of everyday things like an alarm clock or Bluetooth speaker. If you don’t want to cover your monitoring attempts, go for something you can easily place on a tabletop without any hassle.

5. Motion Detection

You won’t be looking at the live footage all the time. Nobody can. For that, you will need a motion detection system. Advanced motion sensors can detect motion in areas you select and send a push notification each time it detects a motion as an alarm. Some cameras also send snapshots of the movement while some send a small video clip as proof and send it to your email or number.

6. Viewing Zone

Look for the angular view of the surveillance camera. A wide-angle camera will let you watch over a larger area with just one lens. Anything above 90 degrees is good.

7. Two-Way Talk

You will find nanny cams with a two-way talk feature. We also have included a few nanny cams with this feature. Two-way talk means the camera is equipped with a microphone. It keeps you connected with the kids. You can have a chat with your kids right through the camera or give instructions to the nanny if needed. Check with the audio-surveillance law in your country.

8. Mobile Compatibility

It is necessary. It will allow you to view the live footage on your smartphone, iPhone, or iPad.

9. Baby Cry Alert

There’s a feature called baby cry alert. A camera with a baby cry alert can detect the sound of a carrying baby and notify you to keep you alert.


1. Are hidden nanny cams illegal?

Nanny cams, hidden or not, are legal to use. You are allowed to video record a person at your home. You will only break the law if you use the camera in places where the person is allowed to have privacy, such as the bathroom or the nanny’s bedroom. However, do remember that legal audio recording differs from place to place. If you’re buying a nanny cam with a microphone and audio recording, make sure you have legal rights.

2. Is it bad to use a nanny cam?

Using a nanny cam can make you feel bad, like you’re doing something that’s not right. Watching over someone without them knowing can make a person think that it’s spying and illegal. However, remember that you have the right to know what’s happening with your kids in your home while you are out. It’s about the wellbeing and safety of your child. So, do not feel like a bad person for using a nanny cam. You’re a responsible parent, and you have every right to look after your child even when you’re not physically present.

3. How to hide a nanny cam?

To keep the nanny cam hidden, the smaller is the size; the easier the job will be. There are many ways you can hide a nanny cam.  You can strategically hide away a cam in your house plant, cover it with a photo frame or a wall clock,  keep it hidden inside a toy, box, or an everyday object that lays in a corner without noticing. You have to be creative with it. You can also invite your friends and family and see if they can spot it before you actually put it inside a room with the nanny.


There are a hundred different types of nanny cams available out there. There’s no best nanny cam because it solely depends on your use whether you want to disclose the camera or want to watch over the kids discreetly. However, we insist you look at other features like the resolution, the viewing angle, mobile compatibility, and additional features like motion detection and microphone.

Will it be helpful if it comes with a night vision? Do you want two-way talk? Do you want continuous recording?

Ask yourself these questions and then come to a final decision. The budget is also a factor to consider.  We don’t think you need to invest in a high-tech, highly advanced camera for this purpose.

Don’t forget to read our buying guide as we have talked through all of the necessary things that you would want to consider.

Now that we have reached the end of this article, we hope you have found the right one for your purpose. Are you still confused? Here are our top three recommendations for you.

  • Parents who don’t want to disclose the camera to the nanny should go for the DIVINEEAGLE USB charger Spy Camera. It’s a simple, efficient, budget-friendly nanny cam that will do just what you want- watch your kids and record their behavior. It’s small enough to hide anywhere if you want to keep an eye on the kids discreetly. It streams live videos in full HD 1080p. It will keep recording 24/7 until you wish to stop. It doubles up as a USB charger. So, yes, if you have budget issues, go for it.
  • Our next recommendation is for parents who are looking for a wireless option. This wireless nanny cam from Amcrest packs the most useful features like baby cry alert and two-way audio. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and compatible with Alexa. It records and live-streams videos directly on your smartphone. It comes with a 355-degree pan and 80-degree tilt, motion detection, and night vision. It offers a free subscription to Cloud storage for 1-year storage.
  • The last one is for those looking for a nanny cam with advanced features within a budget. The Faleemi nanny cam has 1080p video quality, 340-degree horizontal view, 4x zoom, remote tilt/pan/zoom features. It also comes with the most user-friendly features like two-way audio, motion detection, night vision and is compatible with Android and iOS. Plus, there are 30 days of free subscription to Cloud storage.
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