Christmas Eve Sushi, Appreciating Rest, and Non-Christmas Tunes

OK, I’ve finally figured out what we’re doing for Christmas Eve dinner… We’re ordering sushi! ? But if that doesn’t pan out, then Thai food, and if that’s a no-go because they’re too busy, then I’m chucking frozen pizzas in the oven and some gluten-free chicken nuggets. ?

You see, this is the new “Pandemic-Times Karen,” and I’m not even cranky about it. ?

That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it.

One thing these past couple years has taught me is to appreciate downtime, because pre-Covid Karen would have pushed and pushed and pushed…to wrap all the presents, cook dinner and dessert from scratch, and decorate the house from top to bottom, but Pandemic-Times Karen plans to roll with the punches and enjoy the time with my family. I’m not even gonna stress about any of it. No matter what, there will be something special to eat, because eating something special over the holidays is a big deal for our family, but just because I didn’t plan an elaborate menu and make something myself doesn’t make it any less special.

A very special Christmas Eve dinner

As for today? I’m doing the last of the wrapping…and I’ll also be doing some beauty-related maintenance while I’m relaxing. TMI, but what else is new? It’s been a while since I’ve waxed my upper lip, so I’m gonna grab my Bliss wax in the blue cup and take care of that.

It’s kind of amazing how upper lip hair just sneaks up on you, isn’t it? Before I know it, I’ve got a full-on Disney villain mustache.

Goodbye, Disney villain mustache…

I’m also going to put on a hair mask while I wrap presents and maybe paint my nails, too.

Oh, one last thing before I roll — you’ve probably been hearing Christmas music all over the place, but in case you need a little break from it, here’s what I’ve been listening to…

1. “Dynamite,” by BTS

Warning: after you listen to this song, you may have it on repeat for a few days.

2. “Look Up,” by Joy Oladokun

One of the dance teams at Connor’s holiday dance recital performed to this song, and I totally teared up!

3. “Day Ones,” by Tobe Nwigwe

I’ve been listening to this song first thing in the morning all week long. I found it through a great Apple TV+ show called “Swagger” (it’s about a group of teens in a recreational basketball league),and the song is the intro.

Have a great rest of your Christmas Eve!!! If I don’t see you tomorrow, please have a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! Talk to you soon. Love you and miss you. ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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