EKSA Air Joy Plus Ultra-Light Gaming Headset Review

Latency is always a concern with wireless gaming earbuds and headsets. Even if the manufacturers claim very low latency, there will be a noticeable lag with wireless headphones. So, many mobile and PC gamers still prefer wired headsets (usually, over-the-ear type).

But the problem with most over-the-ear style headphones is that they are bulky and cause fatigue after wearing them for some time. So, the obvious thing to do is to look for a lightweight headset. Here comes the EKSA Air Joy Plus Ultra-Light Gaming Headset. As the name suggests, it is an ultra-lightweight headset designed for mobile gaming and it is a wired type.

This is the review of the EKSA Air Joy Plus Ultra-Light Gaming Headset. We are writing this review after properly testing the headset with gaming (mobile and PC) and music. Continue reading the review to find out more about the same.

What Do We Get?

Let us kickoff this review by taking a look at the contents of the package. The first thing in the box is the headsetsthemselves. As they are wired type headsets, the connectivity cable (which is USB Type-C) comes attached to the headsets. Next, we have a USB Type-A (male) to USB Type-C extension cable.

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