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This time of year we are looking for what to do next with our home and decor. For those that love decorating like me, we may be just as excited to get the Christmas decor down and change things up as we are for Christmas morning… For those that aren’t overly enthused about un-decorating the holiday decor they just put up, you may be able to un-decorate systematically to relieve some of the stress. I wanted to get this post up before Christmas in case any of you are like me & start to take your decor down the day after Christmas.

Winter decor by Liz Marie Galvan #Winterdecor #MoraClock
Vintage Grandfather Clock, called Mora Clock, from White and Faded in Liz Marie Galvan's house
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What is Winter Decor

Some think Winter Decor is only Christmas decor or holiday decor, winter decor is not only much more than that but maybe more important for us mentally. I define all my seasonal decor the same, it’s looking to mother nature, and capturing those elements, colors, textures, and overall vibe & bring that into various vignettes around the house. What does nature provide us in this season & how can we use it in our homes.

Pottery Barn Sofa in Winter Decor Setting 

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Winter greens carry most of my seasonal decor. A stress-free approach to un-decorating for the holidays with winter decor being a focus is to remove the festive garlands, and ornaments, to leave faux or real pine trees nested around in corners of your home. Trees left “naked” capture the perfect wintergreen color as well texture. If you have small potted pines, you can extend that fresh pine scent a bit further than December and you can plant most of them after the season is over.

Don’t fully Un-Decorate your Spaces

For those that don’t love decorating as much as some of us… a typical approach after Christmas passes, is to take down one room entirely, and move around your whole house. I encourage you to wait, look around your house and pack up your red items, Santa figurines, ornaments, and anything that says Christmas on it. Take a step back, and you’ll be amazed at how your home already feels wintery & cozy. This way you can extend some of your cozy decor longer into the winter season, you don’t lose an entire day or weekend taking down Christmas, making it more enjoyable and manageable.

Vintage Cottage Style Home with Winter decor and a vintage Mora Clock or Grandfather Clock 

#VintageDecor #LivingRoom #CottageStyle

Beat Seasonal Depression with Cozy decor

Winter decor is so very important. Naturally, the winter season and seasonal depression go hand-in-hand, especially the month of February, which can be one of the most inherited depressive times of the year. The highs of the holiday season are over, with shorter and colder days, & sometimes the lack of sunshine and vitamin d. The elements may be stacked against you, outside of any personal challenges. A cozy home you are happy to come to and be in can be just the perfect thing that keeps you moving forward with a smile on your face. I encourage people to find their own version of cozy, and display that in their home during the winter months to help keep them feeling cozy and happy during this time of year. Just like the emotional high of the holiday seasons, the house is decorated beautifully and festive for a month or more, to be wiped clean from the end of December to March, can be even more depressing than the lack of sunshine and vitamin D. My definition of cozy is my fives sense being at peace at once. So as you undecorated this year consider your 5 senses & how to factor each one into your home decor for the winter season.

My Little Cozy Corner

This little cozy corner of one of my beloved Mora Clocks from White & Faded is a perfect example of how I envisioned a very simple Christmas corner, with one garland and winter decor, to be set up for an easy transition. To transition this Christmas decor space, I simply have to remove the “FALALA” banner, the faux mercury glass globe lights and skies could stay or go, depending on my approach, but equally could stay and fit into a cozy little winter scene.

I hope this post helps you better define and realize what winter decor is and how it can help you easily transition from Christmas or holiday decor, & also be a happy escape to your woes the winter seasons bring, like seasonal depression. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us!


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