How to Decorate your bedroom for Winter

Wintery Greens & Earth Tones

Although these are tips for my winter look, these tips will work for all seasons. Look out the window and how your scene may have changed from August to now, and try to capture those elements. For us here in the midwest, our vibrant colors of leaves and greens are either gone or muted, leaving a warm earthy wood tone. This year, I wanted to reflect that in my bedroom with this Zara Home duvet and pillow covers. I love using an all-white bed as the base layer into the bedroom look, letting the top layers pop. In the past, I have used deep greens & rich cream colors, something you would see in an evergreen or pine tree. While my approach is winter-focused, if you have a bedroom on the main floor, where guests may see or want to make your home feel fully cohesive, an all-white bed with a pop of red is always a classic look that I love too.

For side table decor, I keep it super simple. A seasonal candle to cozy up the room both with candlelight and by smell (thinking of my five senses), with a seasonal green either faux or real. I love small little Douglas firs, or varieties of mini-pine trees, they add the perfect winter texture and give off just a subtle scent of pine to freshen up the room. If you have something in your room like art or mirrors, consider hanging simple garland or wreath on-top or in place of, to accent your seasonal decor a bit more. We had a vintage mirror hanging above our bed, we replaced the mirror with this beautiful wreath. If I wasn’t previously planning on taking down the mirror, you could have left the mirror up and overlapped it with a smaller wreath to get the same look. And again, for those that want a cohesive Christmas-ish room, consider a nake “Christmas” tree in the corner, the twinkle of the lights are beautiful and special and given it’s not decorated it can be left after the Christmas season.

Cozy Linens and Throws

Living in the midwest, where we see are far share of cold climate and wintery nights, cozy linens are equally aesthetic as they are functional. I start my cozy linens by cycling in flannel bed sheets and pillows covers. Our old farmhouse keeps its heat very well, but the additional texture and warmth from the flannel sheets are very welcomed. The way I style my bed every morning, you don’t see the sheets so I don’t emphasize any styling elements here, but if you enjoy a hotel styled display of your bed, you can’t go wrong with white, or neutral flannel bedsheets that will peek out of the top.

Sticking with function (and form) here, I like adding an additional comforter, duvet, or blanket to my bed. This plumps up the bed and gives it an overly cozy look when you walk into the room, while also giving you a couple of extra layers at night if you need them. Any throws you may have are great options for the bed or nearby seating (if you have it). I change out all my throws through the entire house with thicker ones that are sometimes one-sided sherpa or fleece. A great pop of color in every room, yet functional when you get cold at night. You can compliment the top layers of your bed with your throws, either matching entirely or something in the same color pallet. For those that love that cohesive Christmas look, this is a great place for that Christmas red or plaid throw to be draped on the corner of the bed.

My Winter Bedroom

The Sofa

This sofa has been a favorite of mine and the family. It a cozy little French deconstructive sofa is from East End Salvage, a online shop that makes my top list of places to shop online for antiques. I have always loved a deconstructive sofa for many reasons from the art of design and craftsmanship that is exposed when you get to the raw materials. All the way to the neutral color palate the cotton stuffing and wood tones that lie underneath. Smaller sofas can find their way into the bedroom, especially at the foot of the bed. I love my bedroom and bed, but sometimes I am not ready to sit in bed, you can read a book, or even watch a movie (if you have a tv in your bedroom) from this lovely little seating area at the foot of the bed.

Mora Clock

I love me some Mora clocks. If you have seen a few of my collection around the house you know my love the design and history of the Mora clock. I will discuss more in-depth on why I think they are such a great conversation and statement piece that can find their way into anyones home, with any style. This little Mora clock is in the corner of the room, and fits perfect nested next to a slipcovered chair. This is probably Jose’s favorite seat in the room, its cozy and has a matching slipcovered footrest. On the weekends when we prolonge our cozy time in the bedroom, this is where he chooses to start his weekend of relaxation.



Wall Sconces (Unique Etsy Item)


Mora Clock


I have completed different looks throughout the years, and I come back to keeping the bedroom very simple and winter-focused. It allows for me to keep it up longer throughout the season, to allow my focus to be on the other areas of my home. I hope these tips help you approach your bedroom decor to make it the coziest little mini-escape for all the things to include the rest of your house. As always thank ou so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us here on the farm, so thank you again & of course… Stay Cozy!

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