5 Cozy Table Setting Scroll Stoppers

As we prepare this week to gather with family and friends, I wanted to share 5 Cozy Table Setting Scroll Stopper Images. I have been inspired this year to scale back on the amount of Christmas decorations that I styled in our home. Today I am sharing 5 cozy table settings that I think also lean towards minimalist styling. Each week I enjoy sharing images in this scroll stoppers blog series because I am so inspired by images that I see on social media. I hope that they in turn also inspire you in some way. If you would like to see past week’s scroll stoppers, click here [HERE].


This photo by @carinaolander is simply stunning. I am always encouraged to keep my table decor low to the table for the purpose of conversation, and I love the idea of using natural elements like apples and moss. The different colors and textures in this space; It is truly so cozy!


This image by @vintagefrenchfr is a departure from my usually light and airy aesthetic. But it is still so cozy! I love the idea of adding pillows and blankets as an extra layer of coziness and comfort around the table. So many of us end up spending hours around the table deep in conversation and reminiscing. This cozy table setting looks like the perfect arrangement for just that!


This image by @thefords is so festive and truly reminds me of what our table oftentimes looks like during the holidays. Replacing the decor with yummy food.


I love this cozy table setting by @stephgowla. It actually reminded me that I have a wooden centerpiece similar to this one that I DIY’d a couple of years ago. Lighting taper candles can be a frightening task depending on who is sitting at the table, but this wooden candle holder helps in keeping them in place.


I love this cozy table setting by @tyckeskola. There really is a minimal amount of decor here, with just candles, dinnerware, and a bouquet of flowers. The entire space looks perfect for entertaining.

How will you be gathering this week? Do you have plans to style a cozy table setting? I would love to hear your plans on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and stay cozy!

xx Liz Marie

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