My Top Secret for Cozying Up Your Sofas

Clean. Mess. These are two opposing words I come across every day when talking with all of you about our cozy home. “Liz Marie, how do you keep everything so clean and white?” It may look like our house is sparkling and spotless, our home is full of dents, dings, and imperfections. While I really enjoy embracing the mess, I also have come up with some cozy tips through trial and error throughout the years. Have you ever wondered how I keep my living room sofas and chairs clean while having a toddler and 3 dogs? Today I’m sharing my top secret for cozying up your sofas and chairs while keeping them clean.

Cozy & Clean

My top secret for cozying up your sofas (and chairs, too) is adding slipcovers! Cozy and clean? That’s my kind of combo. Not only do they protect your sofa from dirt, spills, and accidents, but they also make your sofa look super luxurious and cozy. The ease of being able to take the slipcovers off and throw them in the washing machine also eases my mind. The last thing that I want to worry about as a mom is things getting dirty. I do not worry about our sofa’s getting ruined at all because I know they are protected with slipcovers. Not only are slipcovers the best way to Cozy Up your Sofa, but they also keep your house clean while you still get to be cozy!

Identify your high traffic areas

We spend a lot of time in this room as a family. Second to our kitchen, where we really spend the most time, this living room is where we gather as a family at the end of the day and entertain with friends. It also serves as Cope’s personal jungle gym, so we really have to be ok with furniture and items that can withstand a toddler. Slipcovers really help the room like put together while also serving as a functional item for our family.

Why I continue to love Bemz covers

Bemz is my favorite resource for finding high-quality slipcovers. They have a huge selection of over 1000 fabrics, hundreds of sizes, and the ability to choose your depth for chairs! I love purchasing my favorite Ikea Sofa and Chair set, The Farlov, and adding Bemz slipcovers. It makes an affordable sofa look much more expensive than it really is. I love that they also offer furniture legs and cushion covers to make your sofas and chairs extremely customizable. This is not my first time using Bemz, I’ve shared them here [HERE] and here [HERE] in our living room before. The versatility in their colors and fabrics makes it so fun and easy to switch out your slipcovers as your style and rooms change. They are such a reliable company that I feel confident in purchasing from time and time again. If you don’t own an IKEA sofa, don’t worry, they also offer great “multi-fit” options for different sofas of all shapes and sizes.




Sofa Slipcover

Chairs Slipcover

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How do you cozy up your sofas and chairs while keeping them clean? Do you opt for blankets or slipcovers? Or do you have a favorite cleaning product you like to use on them? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and stay cozy!

xx Liz Marie

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