Saturday Surfing, Dec. 11, 2021!

Let’s put on some lip oil! 😁

Question for you — have you ever seen a lip oil in a rollerball? Every single one I’ve tried has a wand inside a tube, and there’s usually an oversized doe foot, like the one from the original O.G. lip oils by Clarins.

You’d think a lip oil with a rollerball would be convenient because it has one less element? Right? But, I don’t know, I worry about the oil getting goopy and the rollerball just getting messy… If you’ve ever seen one in the history of ever, let me know.

These lip oils here are from a local Marin County brand called lilah b. (all lowercase).

The tubes look much darker than they do in these pics, FYI. For the pics below, I brightened the lighting to give you a better idea of what the colors look like on lips, but in real life the tubes look super dark, almost unwearable.

Anywho, in other news…I had to buy some jeans because I looked down one day, and all of mine either had snags in them from Rosie’s claws, or stains, and even though I loathe clothes shopping, I made myself go to Banana Republic Factory because there’s one nearby in town, and I’d be able to try stuff on and return it there if I had to.

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