How to Style a Space for Winter & Christmas

A simple winter corner is a perfect way to simply Christmas style during the holiday season, but also be able to keep it up all winter long. This corner can be created so easily by adding some character to your space, and not over decorating. I used an antique sofa my main piece for this corner that’s been deconstructed to give it a vintage feel. To match the antique Christmas style, I kept the tree free from any ornaments making it a naked Christmas tree. This way you can enjoy the beauty of each branch and decoration without anything getting in your way! If you have been around the blog a while this will come as no surprise, but I used neutral colors and textures for this space, I wanted to point that out, because even after Christmas this can still be a beautiful backdrop for Winter Decor. The Vintage Christmas Decor Style is perfect for anyone who loves decorating their home in an antique style but doesn’t want too much clutter or color taking over their living spaces. I love decorating with vintage items, especially those around the house because you can mix different pieces that speak to your collections and style, while also creating your unique look. Let’s take a closer look at how I created this vintage cozy corner using some simple steps with pieces I already had.

Vintage Deconstructed Sofa

I generally always start with my anchor for the space. When it comes to Christmas and Winter decor, this anchor can solely be the tree but doesn’t have to be. My tip is to ensure that the additional anchor is equal in regards to the size or scale of the space. Deconstructed sofas always will have a special place paying homage to French country style, while also showcasing the craftsmanship it takes to make those cozy pieces we all have in our home. I love shouting out my favorite shops where I get frequent great finds, and this sofa came from East End Salvage.

The Naked Tree

I know we all get that little warm feeling when we get our trees out and just plug them in. If you have a secondary tree, maybe an old tree tucked away or a hand-me-down tree from your parents, this is the space for those! The few minutes it takes to get the tree out, assembled, plugged in, and fluffed, is a quick step you can fit between holiday tasks. The light and texture of the tree speak for itself! I got this tree from Amazon [HERE]. You can see more Christmas trees I’m loving [HERE] if you are in the market for one!

Add in your Collections & Style

This is one of my favorite things to do… shop your house. Most people I meet, myself included, have what I call a “Monica Closet.” If you have seen the show Friends, Monica has this closet stacked from floor to ceiling, with every square inch packed. I would love to say I only have one of those… but…

The tree skirt I used is a vintage quilt. I loved the colors of this quilt, and if you don’t want to go out and add a dedicated tree skirt, look at some quilts you may not be needing at the moment that fit the color palette for the space.

The antique snowshoes and horses are items you probably have seen in previous looks. Again these two items fit so well with the color palette and add that little bit of texture on each side of the window I couldn’t be happier with their look.

Sprinkle in some new items to fill in the gaps

The very cute white pillow on the sofa is from Maple House, playing into the vintage look in the space. I did add the small mercury glass ornaments in the back. I loved the texture and colors from the mercury glass, and with their neutral color and subtle size, these two could be left up after Christmas.


We like to think of decorating for the holidays as an opportunity to get creative and make your home festive. This year, we’ve been focusing a lot on a simple Christmas Decor design with vintage furniture pieces and antique-inspired items. Be sure to leave us feedback by commenting on Facebook or Instagram about how you decorate multiple spaces by using these same ideas! As always thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it means the world to us here on the farm.

xx Liz Marie

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