Cozy Neutral Hot Cocoa Bar

Every year, I like to style a hot cocoa bar at least once during the winter and holiday season. While it makes for a fun addition to any party or gathering that you are hosting during, it’s also a great way to enjoy the season. Whether you are hosting a large holiday party or just looking to enjoy some warm drinks with your family. This hot cocoa bar is sure to be an instant hit. You can keep it as simple or as detailed as you want! I have styled both, but today I am sharing a cozy neutral hot cocoa bar featuring one my favorite festive collections, my papa noel.

The way I approach my hot cocoa bars is starting with the base… hot cocoa, of course. From there I think about my family, or friends that are going to be enjoying the bar. I make sure I personalize the bar with having their favorite items on hand to be added to their drinks or snacks to be enjoyed while they have a simple cup. Today I got to set one up for a news interview we did, but then our little family got to enjoy it afterwords watching Christmas movies.

From there, I usually have some basics that everyone likes, for some unannounced, but oh so welcomed guests. Think peppermint cookies, candy canes, sugar cookies, marshmallows, chocolate-covered pretzels, and any form of more chocolate. I love adding items that you can mix into the hot cocoa like sea salt, chocolate pieces, peppermint bark, & syrups.

How we display the cocoa bar doesn’t have to be over the top, but I do encourage ensuring its very welcoming. I love ensuring is centrally placed and easy for everyone to see and enjoy. For me this is a perfect time to display my lovely collections of papa noel. At first glance, this collection can seem like a lot, but I have collected it over years, and it makes me so happy to share it as many times as I can in the limited holiday window. I think I love this collection so much because its festive and whimsical to be shared with a family of younger ones, but the neutral classic face, allows for it to fit in an adult and traditional gathering too. I started my collection from a small shop called Pink Antler Studio that I love so much.

For those that don’t have a collection of holiday serve ware, you can use any cozy kitchen items that you have while also mixing in festive plates, tea towels, mugs, & faux or real greenery. Also, don’t forget about any Christmas items like ceramics or other tabletop items you’d like to feature in the cozy setting.


Shop my Cozy Neutral Hot Cocoa bar finds by clicking the images below:

For more Christmas inspiration, decor, and gift ideas, click here [HERE]. What is your favorite thing to add to your cup of hot cocoa chocolatey goodness? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. I hope this Cozy Neutral Hot Cocoa bar inspires you to create a seasonal drink bar, even if it’s just a small setup for yourself! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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