MUNBYN ITPP941 Thermal Label Printer Review

Depending on the print pattern, the print head heats the thermal paper and it becomes dark in color. Does this mean thermal printer can only print in black and white? Simple answer is yes. Majority of direct thermal printer are monochromatic. So, the paper plays an important role in these kinds of printers.

Coming to the performance of the Munbyn Thermal Printer, it is perfect for printing shipping labels, Barcode Labels, Mailing Labels, Address Labels up to 4” x 6” size. The resolution of ITPP941 Standard (and Basic) variation is 203DPI (8 dots per mm). If you opt for Pro version, you get 300DPI resolution (12 dots per mm). All the three versions print at a rate of 150mm/s (or 6inch/s).

The labels from this printer are very good and detailed and are compatible with all the major commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, FedEx, Shopify, UPS, ShipStation, ShipEasy, Shippo, Shipwire etc.

The main advantage of MUNBYN ITPP941 Thermal Label Printer is you don’t need any ink or toner cartridges. All you need are a bunch or reel of proper Direct Thermal Papers. Also,

Munbyn Thermal Label Printer comes with USB only interface. If you want to use with Wi-Fi, then you have to buy a special adapter from MUNBYN. It is sad that Wi-Fi connectivity is not provided as a default option.

There is only one button on the printer to interact with it (the ‘open’ but just releases the cover latch). It has a bunch of functionalities and the bi-color LED embedded into the button indicates the status of the printer.

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