KAIWEETS KM601 Smart Digital Multimeter Review

Finally, the NCV and Live wire detection. For NCV, you don’t need any probes. Just put the meter in ‘NCV’ mode and place the NCV probe on the top near the testing point (wire, socket, stud, etc.). If the meter detects any voltage, the buzzer starts with its intensity depending on the level of voltage and also the indication LED above the LCD will change from Green (mild detection) to Red (significant detection).

For live wire detection, remove the black probe and keep only the red probe connected to regular jack (which is also marked Live). Then select the ‘LIVE’ function by pressing ‘SEL’ when the function is ‘NCV’. Now insert / touch the red probe to the test point. Again, depending on the intensity of the signal, the buzzer’s beeping intensity will change and also the indicator LED change colors.

Another useful feature of the meter is indication of correct probes based on the selected function. For example, if you are in ‘Smart’ feature, you can only measure AC / DC Voltage, Resistance and Continuity. So, the LEDs corresponding to Voltage measurement and COM port will blink 5 times.

If you are measuring current, the meter again blinks the appropriate LEDs and if the red probe is not inserted into the current measuring jack (mA or 10A, depending on the selected function), the indicator LED will light up in red in color and the LCD display ‘leads’ message indicating that probes are not inserted correctly or entirely.This is a nice little feature, which is very useful for beginners.

Both the current measurements are protected with respective fuses (600mA and 10A). But the thing we didn’t like is that in order to access these fuses, you have to completely remove the back cover (not only the battery cover but also additional back cover).

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