Answering All Your Questions About My New Book Cozy White Cottage Seasons!

We are officially a month out from my new book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons, being released! I am so excited for you all to be able to read it and take in the 100 Cozy Tips to take you through each season. In preparation for the release, I did a call-out on Instagram of any questions that you may have about the book, pre-orders, and the amazing freebie! Here are the common questions that I have been asked:

What inspired you to write this book?

All of you inspired this book! I have been asked by a lot of blog readers and social media followers for a more seasonal-specific book, and thought it was a great idea! I also really love decorating around specific holidays and incorporating my cozy style throughout, so the idea of writing a seasonal-specific book seemed like a great fit!

Will you be doing your “book club” again?

Yes! I am hoping for it to be better and more organized than last. Think 100 days of Cozy with Liz Marie. More details to come, but plan on getting your book and hanging out with a bunch of like minded people and have some fun!

What was the most challenging part of writing a book?

The book started out as a more complicated idea, featuring Seasonal Decor DIYs. Then, March 2020 hit, and I really started thinking about our cozy homes that we were spending a lot more time in! Witnessing how our homes took on this major role in nearly everyones lives, from home offices and classrooms, yet still welcoming and cozy for the entire family, I wanted to re-focus it more to address the new needs we find ourselves look at today. A cozy home during the school year (for those with kids) looks different than summer time. The seasons helps transition from literal season to season, but also different seasons of life we see change throughout the year.

How long did it take you to write the second book?

It took a little over a year for writing. However, the entire book from start to finish, from planning to printing took a little over a year and a half. This book took a bit longer than the last, part fighting with my creative brain, and part working harder to get materials and supplies in 2020.

Is your new book more about holidays or seasons like fall, winter, spring, and summer?

It’s both! I wanted to make sure that anyone who purchased my book, would find each and every tip helpful and informative. That is taking into account those that may have different holidays and celebrations. So we really help the reader find their cozy in each season throughout the year, while also helping decorate for those fun and special holidays. So if you are looking for best ways to transition from Winter to Spring, there are great chapters for you, but also If you are looking for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas inspiration, it is all covered in this book too.

What’s different from your first book?

Cozy White Cottage Seasons takes you step by step, season by season. So many people have reached out looking for different ways to decorate for Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall. I wanted to address those needs, with ways to gradually transition from one season to the next, without massive abrupt decorating. The home should be cozy throughout each season, even if that season is early fall but a little wintery too, if you know what I mean! The first book definitely complements the second book, building off of the super simple and affordable ways to make any home cozy for any style. That carries over into this book, that expands on those tips, while also helping you get from seasons to season all year long.

Will you be having a book signing at the Found Cottage?

All I’m going to say is…keep the weekend of November 20th open…more details to come!

I pre-ordered your book …are you really sending me that amazing sign?

Yay! Thank you so much for pre-ordering the book! For pre-ordering the book I have been offering freebies that you can download through my website! This is where the amazing sign comes into play! The sign is a digital and printable version that you have the option to do whatever you please with! So many people have turned their signs into phone backgrounds, computer wallpapers, and large signs for their homes. If you would like to learn more on how to download the sign and the best places to get it printed, click here [HERE]!

How did you narrow down what you were going to include in your book?

This was the hardest thing about writing the book I could have kept going with the tips and offering beautiful imagery. Unfortunately, I was limited to word count, page count, and photo count to keep the price of the book affordable and on par with other design books. But I kid you not, I could publish, today, an entire picture book of all unused images from both books.

Did you include pictures of Cope in the book?

Yes! Cope, Jose, Winnie, Grace, and the rest of the animals here at White Cottage Farm are all included in the book! If you remember from my last book, Cozy White Cottage, Jose didn’t even make the final cut into the book! So this time we made sure to include the entire farm family!

Where can I pre-order the book?

You can pre-order the book at any of the following places:

Are the Freebies Still Available?

Yes! The freebies are available up until November 23rd when the book is released and the option to pre-order is no longer needed! Have you pre-ordered the book and are not sure where to go for your freebies, click here [HERE] to fill out your info and claim them!

Where can I read more about the book?

Here [HERE] is a blog post that I wrote when I announced the new book! I also wrote a blog post about styling the freebies and any questions that you may have about them. You can read that here [HERE].

What other fun things do you have planned for this month before the book launches?

Great question! I have a couple of more freebies in the works for the next month that I will be sharing more about very very soon! Also, on November 4th, I will be a part of a very special evening with Williams Sonoma as we prepare for Thanksgiving! Join me and some special guests as we gather around a Thanksgiving table and offer tips and answer your questions for getting your home (and your table) ready for a cozy Thanksgiving! The event will take place on Thursday, November 4 at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

To reserve your spot for the event on Zoom you can either purchase a copy of Cozy White Cottage Seasons through Williams Sonoma or donate $10 or more to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and receive a complimentary ticket to attend the event! To find out more about the event, click HERE! * Donations must be made online at between now and November 2!

With the launch of my new book, what are you most excited about? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day and stay cozy!

xx Liz Marie

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