Do You View Putting On Makeup as a Form of Self-Care?

Even just a lil’ bit of makeup always makes me feel better.

Oh yeah, 100%!

Ya know, even though I’ve become so much more comfortable with going bare faced over the last year, when I have to do something where I have to BRING IT, I feel so much better when I’m wearing a little makeup. My makeup minimum lately has been brows-lashes-lips (thanks, Jeremy Renner). If I have work meetings, then I’ll add some concealer, blush and liner if I have the time.

I know that I’m the same person with or without makeup, for sure. But I also know that I feel like I’m doing something nice for myself when I take even just 10 minutes out of my day to pause and paint my face.

How about you? Do you view putting on makeup as a form of self-care?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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