7 Things Only Beauty Lovers Understand

Good times!
  1. That feeling of ultimate release right after you remove a hair tie from a slicked back high pony (especially after a really long day, yowza).
  2. That feeling of relief when you run out of your favorite [INSERT PRODUCT HERE] and you know that you already have a backup stashed away for this exact moment!
  3. Why having a separate, special towel just for your hair is a total non-negotiable.
  4. Why it’s essential to have several different types of combs and brushes in your hair arsenal. Wide-toothed comb, teasing comb, paddle brush, boar’s hair brush… Honestly, the last time I only owned a single brush was when I was eight or nine, ha ha ha!
  5. That every single black hair tie you own will eventually go missing, so don’t get too attached to them.
  6. That there will always be another taupe eyeshadow, and even though you don’t need another taupe eyeshadow, you really, really want that new taupe eyeshadow. ALWAYS.
  7. That weird pull you feel to do hella complicated makeup looks — like a double-winged liner with a cut crease — when you only have, like, five minutes to put your face on. Why do I always choose the hardest thing? LOL!
  8. Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


    P.S. It’s raining here! And it’s California! Will wonders never cease? Just when I thought it might never actually rain here again, it does! It’s so nice to hear the pit-pattering of rain on the roof and see raindrops on the windows. ?️❤️?

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