Creating Cozy Fall Moments with Anthropologie

Last year, I (we) were all forced to slow down. I think like everyone else, we realized just how fast we were moving. I told myself that I would never get back to living life so fast and cherish every moment. Fast forward one year later, and here we are running 100 miles per hour. So here is my conscience commitment (again) to slow back down as best I can and cherish everything in the moment, and be more present where I am needed. I have a lot of wishes and hopes this fall and winter, wishes to fall back in love with cooking and baking, something I think would be good for my soul & force me and the family to slow down. I love pretty tablescapes and food presentation, things I know little about but want to invest time into learning. It’s really important to create cozy moments doing everyday things. Whether small and intimate with our tiny family or a little larger with extended loved ones like friends & beyond. Today I am sharing some ways and fall items that will help create cozy fall moments.

I want to encourage you as we go into the holiday season and the colder months to treat even the smallest of gatherings in a special way. Even if it’s as small as lighting a candle, doing a small centerpiece, elevating the menu, or even just freshening up our wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be perfect or over the top to be cozy, but adding a little special touch can make a gathering at any size perfectly cozy and inviting to anyone who comes to the table.

Simple ways to make a cozy gathering space:

  • Light Candles
  • Have Blankets and Pillows/soft textures nearby
  • consider your lighting and maybe turn off your overhead ceiling lights and turn on lamps, wall sconces, or other lower lights.
  • Bring in the Textures. Throws, Napkins, and greenery.

Break away from the mold and the rules and take your creative space a bit further. I brought some “Christmas” greens into the table. These greens don’t need to be dedicated to a winter wonderland. Bringing them into the space early into your decor, and keep them around after fall seasons leaves. One of my favorite tips is to use what you have at your disposal. The center piece under the light is another branch from around the farm. We love taking a look at our landscape or in our tree-line for possible branches that would fit into our spaces. These are great, free options to add even more texture into your space.

This fall I partnered with Anthropologie to share some of their cozy gathering items. As we continue to decorate for fall and the holiday season, we are all so excited to celebrate and be with friends and family. Anthropologie has all the hosting essentials when it comes to tabletop, décor, dining, and the best outfits and accessories!

To shop all of my Anthropologie picks to help all of your fall gatherings, click the images below:

Find more Fall inspiration by clicking here [HERE].

How do you choose to gather and create cozy fall moments? Is it out at a pumpkin patch? Or in a quiet corner or a coffee shop? Or even just lighting your favorite fall-scented candle? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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