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I normally don’t brag about looks I whip together, but this haunted house mantel I whipped together really has me standing back in awe. Probably just because this year I wanted to challenge myself with different halloween looks & I’m in awe because this on was FUN. In order to fulfill my commitment of providing daily inspiration to multiple-styles through decor and design, I have to challenge myself to try to give as many different looks… I stepped away from the whimsical, and stepped into the subtle haunted house. I think what I like most about this mantel is its the perfect touch of eerie, with hints of whimsical elements. I think it really fits homes with more of a traditional decor style… If you love halloween or have kids and want to play along with the seasons, this look is a perfect fit for having something that isn’t overly commercialized with oranges and blacks. Let’s talk about how you can achieve this look to fit your style.

Picking your house

If you look at this mantel most of these items are things I already had styled in my home. The George Washington Art was hanging in my office, and I used him before for the fourth of July look over the mantel. On the far right I have two wax busts I recently purchased from Anthropologie.  The black & vintage books are part of my vintage book collection I use to style shelves and bookcases throughout my home. The vintage candlestick holder and clock were also items I already owned. By picking your house you have added elements that make this space as fluent to the rest of your style and home as possible, making it feel almost realistic and possible. When picking your home for a “spooky” look, think apothecary finds, think of old world items that would show up in haunted houses, & get creative!



Add in the Spooky

Now that you have your own elements from around your home, add in the spooky. We used a lot of old halloween decor we already had, items you most likely have seen already in some other looks. To take the vignette a little darker, I added some vintage items that, in the right setting, can lean to the dark-side of decor. The hat form, dress form, and the antique phonograph witches hat. We recently purchased the creepy little doll, the handcrafted ghosts, and faux crows. Tie it all together with the draped gauze and cotton cobwebs. You can find sources for witch hats, crows, bats, & more [HERE].

It is all very simple, combining your style with the season, by shopping your house first, and then adding in the seasonal elements. If you want to seamlessly intertwine your decor with the season, this is the perfect way to integrate and you’ll save the budget by using your own items. I am also a believe in different rooms, different vibes. For Christmas, i’ll have a subtle and vintage room, and one more whimsical. This is a great approach to having both ways, fun faux lanterns, and something a little more eerie and realistic. Let me what you think of this haunted house mantel styling on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & ever other day, it means the world to us here on the farm.

xx Liz Marie

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