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Each week, I share 5 images that I have found inspiration through in a blog series called 5 Scroll Stoppers. Whether these images all share a common theme or are unique in their own way, my goal is that they inspire you in some way as well. If you would like to check out past week’s scroll stoppers, you can view them all here [HERE]. As we are now in the cozy fall season, I am so inspired by fall photos that help spark ideas for my own cozy fall decor. So this week’s scroll stoppers are all pumpkin-themed!


I love this cozy fall front entrance by @housesevendesign. The wicker baskets used to style the fall foliage are such a nice touch and create depth with the pumpkins. It’s nice to remember through this photo that the ornamentation of the pumpkins and other cozy decor doesn’t have to be perfectly placed. Sometimes playing around with where you set things and the coziness that randomness brings is just as nice.


This photo by @heyfeatherstone is the perfect example of adding fall and Halloween decor into your already existing cozy items. The tiny ghosts that fly behind the white decor are so minimal but so charming with the addition of just a few pumpkins and figurines that you really have to look for to notice.


The window decor at this flower shop documented by @the_shopkeepers and the photo was taken by @crazycatladyldn is minimal, but the perfect amount of cozy for fall. I love the dark spooky colors that they used and also look at that garland that is going through windows? So creative!


The colors that @fragments009 shows in this photo are so warm and inviting. The brown transferware plates are so unique and go perfectly with fall decor. Also, I never thought about using dried roses as a part of my fall decor but I am loving how feminine this display is looking with the roses added!


@megan.d.miller makes a good case for an ultra-minimal pumpkin centerpiece. 3 Pumpkins are carrying colors and sizes may seem like it’s too minimal- but if are working and using your table each day, a minimal centerpiece is the way to go. It also leaves a lot of room for conversation and not having to worry about talking around the decor.

What do you think of this week’s pumpkin scroll stoppers? I would love to know if you like decorating with pumpkins indoors. Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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