What To Do When Your Wifi Not Showing Up

If you are unable to connect to the internet because of the Wi-Fi not showing up, then it can be quite frustrating. However, this is quite a common problem and is nothing to be worried about. There might be many reasons as to why this problem is occurring.

It could be due to outdated wi-fi drivers, wrong Wi-Fi configuration on your Router, or perhaps a problem with the Wi-Fi network. Regardless of the cause, this error can be easily fixed. In this guide, we will be providing you with different solutions to fix this issue. Read on to find out more.

Enabling the Wi-Fi service

Sometimes Windows might have disabled Wi-Fi. You can enable it through any of the two methods below.

1. Through the Wi-Fi switch

Certain Laptops have a Wi-Fi switch using which they can enable Wi-Fi services on their computer. Usually, it is Fn+F5. Check the user manual to find out the key and use it to enable Wi-Fi. 

2. Through the network settings

  • Head to the control panel and open the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Tap on the change Adapter Settings option.
  • Right-click on your Wi-Fi and choose the enable option.
  • Restart the system and try connecting to the Wi-Fi again.

3. Turn on WLAN AutoConfig service

The WLAN AutoConfig Service is involved with configuring the Wireless Network settings. It is applicable to all the IEEE 802.11 on your pc. Enabling it might fix the problems with the Wi-Fi.

  • Hit the Windows+R keys together to open the Run Dialog box and then type in the word services.msc.
  • From the list of services, right-click on the WLAN Autoconfig and select the properties option.
  • From startup type, choose Automatic and then hit the Apply button.
  • Finally, restart the pc and see if the error is resolved.

Updating the Wi-Fi Driver

You can either choose to update the drivers manually or automatically. Manual installation requires you to visit the manufacturer’s website and install the required version yourself. This might be tricky for certain users. As a result, we recommend you to use Driver Easy.

Driver Easy is a software that will detect and download the required drivers for any components. You need not worry about compatibility issues. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Download the software from this Link and install it.
  • Launch Driver Easy and click on the Scan option.
  • List of drivers that require to be updated will be displayed. Hit the update button next to it to download the latest drivers.
  • Once the updating is done, restart the pc and try connecting to the internet again.

Restarting the Modem and Wi-Fi Router

Sometimes, the problem might be with your router. As a result, you can try the following simple procedure.

  • First of all, remove the wireless router and your modem from the source of power.
  • You need to wait around 30 seconds.
  • Insert the wireless router and modem back into the power supply once again.
  • Turn on the pc and see if you can connect to the internet now.

Enabling SSID Broadcast for Wi-Fi

SSID broadcast is what makes the Wi-Fi visible to the adapter. If SSID broadcast is disabled, then the Wi-Fi won’t show up. Certain users disable this setting for security reasons. Follow the steps below, to enable SSID broadcast.

  • From your router, obtain IP Address, password and username. It is usually at the backside.
  • Head to the browser on your pc and type the IP address in the search bar, and hit the Enter key.
  • Enter the credentials and hit Login.
  • Go to the Wireless Tab and choose the Wireless Setting. Check Mark the Enable SSID broadcast option and click on the Save option.
  • Finally, restart the computer.

Check for Interference

Sometimes other household devices might be interfering with the Wi-Fi signal. This can happen because those devices are sharing the same frequency. To fix this issue.

  • Switch off all devices like Bluetooth Speaker, Oven, etc.
  • See if you can connect to the internet. If you can do so, the problem was due to interference.

What you can do is to move the position of the router and modem. Else, you can also try using a 5 GHz router.

Using ChromeOS

ChromeOS is an OS that caters to the needs of the new generation. It feels much more futuristic than Windows and is not plagued by many of the errors Windows has. As a result, if you still cannot fix the Wi-Fi issue, we recommend using ChromeOS and see if the error persists or not.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to fix Wi-Fi not showing up. You need to follow all the solutions stepwise. There is no guarantee as to which method will work for you and therefore, you need to try them out one by one. For any queries regarding the content, do write to us.


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