The Found Cottage Mercantile Market 2021

We have officially closed out on another year of the Found Cottage Mercantile Market! Each year, I am so blown away by the amazing response and turn out that we receive. So many hours of hard work, collaboration, blood, sweat, laughter, and tears go into putting on this two-day market every year. Each year, the market is held in Holland, Michigan over Labor Day Weekend. Last year we weren’t able to have it so we really wanted to make this year better than ever to make up for it, and WOW, every single person involved delivered to make it just that!

I thought I would compile some questions that I have received about the market this year in hopes that it will give you a better outlook on what the market is like in case you are looking to come in future years! If you would like to see past years’ markets, click here [HERE] for 2019, here [HERE] for 2018, and here [HERE] for 2017!

When is your market & do you do more than one?

Our market is the Friday and Saturday of the labor day weekend each year, in Holland Michigan. This is our only big market that we do. We do offer small mini-markets at our store, The Found Cottage, in Hudsonville Michigan, throughout the year. Those typically occur during our holiday resets or along side major events, like we did a mini-market for Cozy White Cottage Launch in 2019.

What would I expect to find at your market?

We pride ourself in curating the best vendors from all around the United States. You can expect to find, one of a kind antiques, handmade items, clothing, food, plants, and everything in between.

I know you were stressing about the weather, did it end up cooperating?

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Our market is open to shop for two days, Friday and Saturday, but on-top of the open hours, we start working at the fairgrounds as early as Tuesday that week, and swinging back by on Sunday. All 6 days were perfect, a great bounce back from our last show we had a short but very torrential downfall in 2019. We all hold our breath that week, trying to not look at forecast, but vendors from all over the nation, have said how hearty and dedicate our shoppers are!

How did the Book Signing go?

Oh my gosh! I couldn’t not have been more thankful. We scheduled it for an hour and crossed our fingers we would get one, and we ended up going over that hour… just a little bit (haha). I ended up meeting people from Montana, Jersey, North Carolina, Washington State, and a handful right here from the mitten state. I could not say thank you enough, if you were one of the amazing people who came and stood in a line for a signed copy of my book. To think of how many awesome things there were at the market, to have people stand in line for a few hours and not shop speaks volumes to this vintage seeker. Again, thank you everyone… I really missed talking to people (in person) who love design.

How many vendors did you have this year?

I think were were at or right about 130 vendors. The Found Cottage Mercantile team does a great job thoroughly vetting and curating our vendors and the placement of our vendors. As a team our two equally important goals is Shopper experience and Vendor Satisfaction. Our little venue, is comfortable at about 130 to 150 vendors, and we plan on keeping it around there.

How Many People Attended?

Our math has us just north of 10,000 people came and spent their labor day weekend with us. Each year we continue to grow, as a team, as an established market, and as a destination. With each year, new challenges comes, and this year we jumped in attendance just enough to open up a new set of challenges we feel we have already corrected for next year. We hope to continue to grow as a market, and hope if you have visited us in the past you will come back!

Do you have a favorite moment from the market?

For me this year, it was the book signing! I haven’t don’t a book signing in nearly a year, and it inspires me so much to talk with people directly. I feel like I click with each and every person that comes to my book signing on different levels of life. I have chatted with people about home decor, blogging, farm life, fertility journeys, adoption journeys, antiques, marriage items, and even simple DIY’s. We talk about everything and I love connecting with each and every person.

How was the market different this year having Copeland, who at the last market wasn’t as mobile?

It takes a village! This year Jose’s parent’s had the hardest job at the market, wrangling this two year old. Jose and I just are too busy, running around making sure everything is covered, little fires are put out, and the market goes with minimal issues. At this current age, Cope wore our “nana” after a day and a half, that my mom, “grandma,” took over for a ew hours. When we did get time with Coe it was really special, he road around our golf cart with us, and really had a lot of fun seeing some vendors we hadn’t seen in nearly a year.

What are some of your favorite antique finds from the Market this year?

My pine pieces (of course). I purchased a pine table and pine desk. My good friend from PA, Farmhouse Supply, brought an older dollhouse, that was nearly identical to the main part of our house. It is unbelievable.

How do you feel now that the Market is over?

The market is such a rollercoaster of emotions. The hard-work that the team puts in in the beginning to marking out spaces and ensuring the layout is perfect, to placing vendors in spots, and making sure everything else goes on without a snag, not to mention praying for shop-able weather. All that said, I love every second of it, and each year wish the time would slow down just a little bit. The environment is so magical and inspiring and to see all these people come together and put on the most beautiful looking show I have ever seen, I am just so thankful to be apart of that.

I saw some great food vendors there… did you have any good bites?

There are so many awesome food vendors at our show. I did sneak some bites in but honestly didn’t get a chance to really sit and enjoy. Next year I am breaking for a while to make sure I get some time to enjoy a little bit form everyone.

I’m a vendor who would love to set up shop at your next market…how can I get more information on future markets?

The very best thing to do is to stay up with our store page,, Instagram page: @thefoundcottage, our market instagram page: @thefoundcottagemercantile. We will announce on those platforms when we will be opening up applications.

A big THANK YOU to all who support our market year after year. Paying to attend a market isn’t always something people enjoy doing, but it allows us to continue to hold the market and make it the best it can be! To our vendors, volunteers, and attendees, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Do you have a photo from the market this weekend? I would love to see it! Post it on Facebook or Instagram! Thank you, thank you, thank you again!

xx Liz Marie

All photos in this blog post were taken by our amazing market photographer, Ashley!

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