Introducing our New Animals on White Cottage Farm!

Welcome our newest family members!!!! Alpacas!!!! Last week I hinted that we welcomed some new animals unexpectedly to White Cottage Farm. It was one of those moments, we spoke into existence – kind of… Their journey here was not the happiest journey, but we are so happy to welcome them and share a little bit about their journey to White Cottage Farm.

A week ago we got a call about two alpacas that needed a loving home to come to live at. Jose and I, don’t really know much about Alpacas, but have good friends locally who run an Alpaca 4H club, and we really didn’t know much about sheep and we seem to have figured that one out. Unfortunately, their farm mom, who loved them dearly, cuddled with them, and walked them, the same farm mom who raised them from a year old, sadly passed away… and therefore, they needed a new home. We took a quick trip north, to check them out & as soon as we met them we knew they would be the perfect fit for us. We feel so blessed with the opportunity to have animals come and join us as needed.

Handsome and Scooter are 13-year-old male huacaya alpacas and they have been very loved their whole life at a farm. Handsome, the one with black markings, is the friendlier one, and is very intrigued by Copey. Scooter the one with brown markings, is much more regal, and we are learning likes walks around the farm. They are both getting used to their new home and surroundings and are not too sure about us yet. They are super curious about the sheep, and we hope to mix them together soon. We need to get them their monthly dewormer shots and wanted to give them some time to get acclimated to this weird little farm of ours. They are herd animals, and its generally a good idea to have three alpacas or more, but these two have lived great lives with just them two, we are hoping they are up for some funky sheep neighbors to welcome them into the herd. We have seen videos of Alpacas attaching to baby lambs, so maybe next spring we will have another level of cuteness.

We were definitely not planning alpacas to the farm right now, but the opportunity arose to adopt these two and we just couldn’t say no! Oddly enough, the night before we got the call, we were talking about adding some other animals to the farm, whether it be some horses or even some donkeys. I’m so glad the opportunity came to adopt these loving alpacas.We had the space in our barn and the space in all of our hearts.

I can’t wait to share with you more about Handsome and Scooter, and their new life at White Cottage Farm. What do you think of our two adopted Alpacas? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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