5 Scroll Stoppers with Cozy Cabinetry

The process of being mentally stimulated through looking at what others share in their designs and images is one of the reasons I love being on social media. I love to save images that I find so striking and share them each week in this blog post series that I call my 5 scroll stoppers. Some week’s I share random images that are unique in their own right, and other weeks I like to share a common theme of images. If you would like to see past scroll stoppers blog posts, click here [HERE]. This week’s images all contain Cozy Cabinetry!


Look at how unique @lindseybadenhop designed the cabinets on this wall to be! I love the color, texture, and overall size of the built-ins. If you had this storage in your home, what would you store in it?


The morning light that is peeking through @elizabeths_humble_house dining area and shining slightly onto her antique cabinet is beautiful! If you head over to her page, you can also see this space in daylight and see how different lighting can make a room look.


The cozy cabinetry that @tiffanyleighdesign added into this darling children’s room is equally aesthetically pleasing and also so functional! You know how much I love using neutral colors in our home, and using neutral colors in a children’s room gives the opportunity to change up the room as their needs change and they grow older.


I was asked this past week what I think apothecary-style means. This photo is the perfect example of apothecary style. From the last oat pieces that look like they were salvaged from an apothecary shop, the lighting, and the glass in the cabinet, @englisheccentrichome has transported me back to a time full of these great antique pieces.


You have to head over to @teahousedesigns to see the before and after of this cozy cabinetry. She explains that in this space prior, she had open shelving, but closing off the storage space makes it look more intentional. I feel that statement so deeply and really enjoy both open and closed storage, but in some spaces, one makes more sense than the other.

What do you think of this week’s scroll stoppers featuring cozy cabinetry? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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